Cinemark Majestic Cinemas – as part of the renowned Cinemark chain of theaters, this cinematic marvel offers a world of entertainment, boasting multiple screens, top-notch facilities, and a diverse array of cinematic experiences.

For movie enthusiasts seeking a blend of comfort and cinematic splendor, Cinemark Majestic Cinemas has become a coveted destination. One of its defining features is the convenience it offers. The self-service ticketing kiosks streamline your entry process, eliminating long queues and allowing you to delve straight into the enchanting world of movies.

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Elevated Comfort: Stadium Seats and Inclusive Design

Upon stepping into this cinematic oasis, visitors are greeted by the allure of stadium seats. These elevated seats promise an unparalleled viewing experience, ensuring that every seat in the house is the best in the house. Be it an action-packed blockbuster or a heartwarming drama, the stadium seating guarantees an unobstructed view and optimal comfort.

What truly distinguishes Cinemark Majestic Cinemas is its commitment to inclusivity. The theater is meticulously designed to cater to diverse audience needs. Wheelchair accessibility ensures that everyone can partake in the joy of cinema, fostering an environment where entertainment knows no boundaries. The provision of closed captioning and audio description further amplifies this inclusivity, making movies accessible to those with specific sensory requirements.

For those seeking a touch of luxury, Cinemark Majestic Cinemas presents an enticing offering: Luxury Loungers. These optional, indulgent recliners elevate the movie-watching experience, enveloping patrons in comfort and style. It’s not merely about watching a movie; it’s about immersing oneself in a world of cinematic opulence.

Yet, it’s not just the amenities that make this theater an unparalleled destination; it’s the diverse range of movies and experiences it offers. From family-friendly adventures to gripping thrillers and everything in between, Cinemark Majestic Cinemas caters to every taste and age group. With a wide selection of movies spanning various genres and ratings, there’s always something to entice every moviegoer.


Tasty Treats and Drinks: Your Cinematic Culinary Adventure

  • Online Ordering for Delightful Treats: Cinemark Majestic Cinemas introduces an innovative way to enjoy delicious treats and beverages tailored to your taste. Through online ordering, patrons can relish a variety of movie theater concessions, delivered right to their seats or prepared fresh upon arrival. Whether it’s the timeless classic popcorn, tantalizing candy, or a refreshing soda, the theater offers an array of delectable choices.


  • Enhanced Dine-In Experience: Taking the dine-in theater experience to the next level, Cinemark Majestic Cinemas offers seat-side deliveries through Mobile Ordering. Moviegoers can luxuriate in full meals or classic concessions from the comfort of their Luxury Loungers. The diverse menu boasts savory pizza, crispy chicken tenders, and more, ensuring a delightful movie night dinner.


  • Timeless Concession Favorites: Not to be overlooked are the classic concessions cherished by many. Fresh-popped Cinemark popcorn, movie theater candy, and an expanded menu featuring mouthwatering options like hot dogs and pizza continue to be perennial favorites among moviegoers.


  • Beverage Selections: Select Cinemark locations to complement the gastronomic adventure by offering an array of beverages. From beer and wine to handcrafted cocktails, patrons can unwind and relish their preferred drinks while immersed in the cinematic spectacle. However, it’s essential to note that responsible alcohol service is strictly adhered to, with no sales or service provided to individuals under 21 years of age.

Versatile Event Spaces For Every Occasion

Cinemark offers an array of event venues suitable for a multitude of occasions, catering to various needs and celebrations. From company meetings and private screenings to gaming tournaments and church services, Cinemark venues provide the perfect setting for diverse events.

Private Screenings: Tailored Experiences

Host a private screening of the latest blockbuster or a beloved classic film, creating an exclusive cinematic experience for your group.

Meetings & Special Events: Impactful Gatherings

Elevate your next meeting or special event by holding it in the comfort and safety of a Cinemark auditorium, enhancing the experience with the grandeur of the big screen.

Field Trips: Engaging Educational Experiences

Plan an affordable group movie screening for pre-school and school-age children, turning a simple outing into an engaging and memorable learning experience.

Independent Film Screenings: Showcasing Creativity

Filmmakers and independent studios can showcase their work through private screenings, providing a platform to exhibit creative endeavors.

Theatre Church: Communal Gatherings

Begin or expand your congregation’s reach by hosting Cinemark Theatre Church services on Sunday mornings, fostering a unique communal experience.

Birthday Party Venue: Memorable Celebrations

Make your child’s birthday memorable by celebrating at a participating Cinemark theatre, providing an enjoyable and entertaining venue for the special day.

Premium Gaming Event: Immersive Gaming

Immerse yourself in larger-than-life gaming experiences with movie-quality images and booming 5.1 surround sound technology, offering a gaming event unlike any other.

Cinemark Guest Services: Your Ultimate Assistance Hub

At Cinemark, they are dedicated to ensuring your experience goes beyond the screen. Guest Services are tailored to cater to your needs, offering a range of convenient options to enhance your interaction with us.

Ticketing Assistance and Refunds

  • Refund Ticket Purchases: Should you be unable to attend your scheduled movie, they provide hassle-free ticket refunds.
  • Confirmation Number Lookup: Easily access your upcoming tickets and confirmation numbers for seamless planning.
  • Purchase History View: Review your purchase history, spanning movie tickets, VR experiences, and more, all in one place.

Account and Payment Management

  • Password Reset: If you encounter login issues, reset your password effortlessly.
  • Profile Updates: Keep your profile information, shipping details, and payment methods up-to-date for smooth transactions.
  • Default Payment Methods: Edit and manage the payment methods used for purchases, ensuring convenience.
  • Movie Club Payment Management: Conveniently manage your Movie Club payment methods for seamless membership access.

Gift Card Services

  • Register a Gift Card: Register your gift card to manage its usage conveniently.
  • Purchase Gift Cards: Looking for the perfect gift? Easily purchase Cinemark Gift Cards for your loved ones.
  • Check Gift Card Balance: Stay updated on your Gift Card balance for hassle-free transactions.

Movie Club Account Management

  • Movie Club Payment Method Editing: Effortlessly manage your payment method for Movie Club access.
  • Check Movie Club Credit Balance: Monitor the available credits within your Movie Club account.
  • Review Movie Club Credit Activity: Get detailed insights into your Movie Club credit usage and renewals.
  • View Movie Club Payment Transactions: Access detailed information about previous monthly payments and recurring transactions.


Guest Services aims to simplify your Cinemark experience, providing comprehensive assistance for your ticketing, account, gift card, and Movie Club needs. To ensure your journey with us is smooth and enjoyable.

Plan Your Cinematic Adventure with Ease

Location and Directions:

Find detailed directions and information about the location at 2140 E Cinema Dr, Meridian, ID 83642. Discover the best routes to reach us effortlessly.

Showtimes and Tickets:

Explore the current showtimes for the latest blockbusters and upcoming releases. Purchase tickets online in advance to secure your preferred seats and skip the lines.

Amenities and Accessibility:

Familiarize yourself with the theater’s amenities, including stadium seating, self-service ticketing kiosks, wheelchair accessibility, closed captioning, audio description, and the option of Luxury Loungers. Ensure an inclusive and comfortable experience for all.

Concessions and Dining Options:

Delve into the diverse concessions menu, offering classic movie treats like popcorn and candy, as well as full meal options like pizza and chicken tenders. Explore the beverage selections, including beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails, complementing your cinematic experience.

Event Bookings and Special Services:

Discover the versatility of the event spaces for hosting private screenings, meetings, church services, gaming tournaments, and more. Learn about the specialized services tailored for different occasions.

Guest Services and Assistance:

Take advantage of the Guest Services hub for assistance with ticketing, refunds, account management, and Movie Club access. Register, purchase, or check balances for Cinemark Gift Cards effortlessly.

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