Step into the inviting embrace of the Meridian Library District, a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and community connection. It’s much more than a collection of books; it serves as a hub of learning, creativity, and engagement for all ages. Doors open wide from Sunday through Saturday to welcome eager minds and curious souls. With a schedule crafted for convenience, visitors can explore its offerings from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays, extending into evenings on weekdays until 8 p.m., and closing a bit earlier on Fridays at 6 p.m. The weekend spirit continues with doors from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. More about Meridian here.

The magic of the Meridian Library District doesn’t merely reside within its main location at 1326 W Cherry Ln; it sprawls across multiple branches, each a unique haven of learning and joy. From the vibrant energy of Orchard Park to the technological wonders at unBound and the coziness of the Tiny Library, there’s a niche for every visitor’s preferences. Silverstone stands proud among these, offering its distinct charm. 

Events and Engagements

Beyond the rows of shelves and literary wonders, the Meridian Library District pulses with life through its diverse array of events and programs. From the Winter Reading Kickoff, kindling the love for stories in the young ones, to MASH: Meridian After School Hangout, a melting pot of creativity and camaraderie for the older crowd, there’s always something stirring within these walls.

Books & Reading

Discover More:

  • Get a Card

Start by getting a library card. It helps you borrow books, movies, and more from the library. It’s like a ticket to a world of stories and adventures.

  • Borrowing Rules

When you have a card, there are rules to follow for borrowing things. They help make sure everyone can enjoy the library’s stuff. You can learn how long you can keep things and if you can renew them.

  • Download eBooks & More

You can also use the library’s digital things like eBooks and audiobooks. They’re like stories on your phone or tablet that you can read or listen to whenever you want.

  • Ida Library App

There’s an app called Ida Library. It helps you do library things on your phone, like looking for books, seeing what you’ve borrowed, and finding new stuff.

  • Virtual Browsing

You can explore the library’s things online too! It’s like looking at the shelves but on a computer. You can find cool stuff and ask for it without going to the library.

  • Kits

The library has more than just books. They have kits too! These kits are like boxes of fun that can teach you things or help you create something cool. They’re for all ages!

At the Meridian Library District, there’s a lot more to explore beyond just books. It’s a place where everyone can find something they love!

Reader Services: Helping You Explore

  • Request a Book

If there’s a book you want to read but can’t find, don’t worry! You can ask the friendly staff at the library to try and get it for you. They’ll do their best to bring the book to you.

  • Reading Recommendations

Not sure what to read next? The library has lots of suggestions! They can recommend books based on what you like, whether it’s mysteries, adventures, or funny stories.

  • Staff Picks

The library staff also share their favorite books with you! They pick out special books they think everyone should read and put them in a special section. It’s like getting recommendations from friends.

  • Parent & Caregiver Guide

For parents and caregivers, the library offers a guide. It’s full of helpful tips on choosing the right books for kids, fostering a love for reading, and making reading time enjoyable.

  • Home Delivery

Can’t make it to the library? No problem! The library offers home delivery. They can bring books and other things right to your doorstep, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the library’s treasures.

At the Meridian Library District, the staff is here to assist you in discovering new books, finding the perfect read for your taste, and making reading enjoyable for all ages, right from the comfort of your home if needed!

Reading Challenges: Let's Read Together!

  • Extreme Book Nerd

For those who love reading a lot, there’s a challenge called Extreme Book Nerd! It’s for people who want to read a certain number of books in a year. It’s like a fun challenge to see how many books you can finish.

  • 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

For the little ones, there’s a special challenge called 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. It’s a way to read a lot of books together before starting school. It’s not about finishing quickly but enjoying stories with your child.

  • Summer Reading

In the summer, the library has a special reading program. You can join in and read books during the summer break. It’s a way to keep your brain active while having fun!

  • Winter Reading

When it’s cold outside, cozy up with books during the Winter Reading program. It’s another chance to read and enjoy stories, even when it’s chilly.

At the Meridian Library District, there are exciting challenges for everyone, from passionate readers to little ones just starting their reading adventures!

Your Journey Starts Here: Finding Us

Conveniently situated at 1326 W Cherry Ln, Meridian, ID 83642, finding the Meridian Library District is a breeze. Google Maps eagerly awaits to guide you to this hub of knowledge and community, beckoning you to delve into the wealth of experiences it offers.

At the Meridian Library District, the pages aren’t just confined to books—they unfold learning, discovery, and shared experiences, inviting you to be a part of this enriching narrative.

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